our purpose

“To raise the consciousness and intention of how we live and lead”

What is holistic growth?

We work with leaders and teams to develop skills and practices to live and lead a more mindful, connected and compassionate life. We all want more calm, clarity and connection to our purpose and true self. What often gets us to where we are; is also what is holding us back, our unconscious attachments and fixed beliefs often create fear paralyzing growth and performance. Building a deeper, kinder, more open and aware relationship with our inner self is often the gateway to holistic growth.  

Holistic Growth draws from Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Eco – Psychology, Buddhist Philosophy and Energy Intelligence.

What we do

Forrest Growth: Taking people out of the office, away from the meeting rooms and desk is important in building layers of relationships. Nature calms us, allowing things to slow down; with calmness and stillness we get clarity. The power of Forrest Growth is that people are in a refreshed and open space to take on new information and ideas; conversation and creativity begins to flow freely. If you or your team could do with connecting and leaning from nature click for more info

Growth Coaching: Everybody get’s lost, becomes stuck and out of balance; this is life. Coaching is a one on one relationship that focuses on supporting and creating the space to build a healthy relationship with yourself. Many of us are in desperate need of deepening our self - awareness and self - understanding to live and lead from a place of authenticity, purpose and meaning.

Mindfulness and Meditation: We teach people and teams the practice of meditation to increase focus, calm and resilience, to learn to be more connected and less reactive.

Grow - Shops: Grow - shops are less about work and more about growth. We have a variety of talks, topics and teachings in and around mindful leadership, communication, wellness, energy management and creating safe and connected cultures.

Why Holistic Growth?

According to global Gallup polls

  • 80% of people don’t feel they can be there best selves at work

  • 70% of people are not engaged at work

  • 17% of people are actively disengaged at work

  • Nature provides natural calm, clarity and connection

  • These stats combined the rise of mental health illness, obesity and increased burnout, show that old ways of leading and developing people are unhealthy and disengaging.

    “Holistic Growth believes that high performance involves the whole person and the whole heart.”

Kind Words

I have worked with Luke over a few years professionally which was a privilege, but when I reflect back, it is what he has taught me personally that I am most grateful for. Luke is one of the most open-minded, curious and compassionate souls that I have met and because of that, he can encourage anyone to explore, challenge, grow and evolve. His simplicity and plain language make his coaching easy to approach, and his integrity and clarity in his own values and way of life makes him easy to trust when it comes to working on your own. I would recommend a conversation with Luke to just about anyone.

Dr Pippa Grange (Head of People and Culture for FA (English Football)

Luke has been working with myself and my teams for almost 10 years. Luke has been important in my development and growth personally and professionally, he provides a unique view on life, leadership and culture. Luke has a way of getting my leaders to connect and talk with realness and authenticity. Luke he has seat at our leadership table, working with my teams on building mindful and connected cultures; Luke coaches my leaders both one on one and as a collective group with the purpose of growing the whole person.

Luke’s coaching work on creating healthy and flourishing ecosystems has been a foundation in creating real shifts in our leadership relationships.

Paul Heard (25 years Cotton Group)

General Manager Factorie