People I've worked with


I have worked with Luke over a few years professionally which was a privilege, but when I reflect back, it is what he has taught me personally that I am most grateful for. Luke is one of the most open-minded, curious and compassionate souls that I have met and because of that, he can encourage anyone to explore, challenge, grow and evolve. His simplicity and plain language make his coaching easy to approach, and his integrity and clarity in his own values and way of life makes him easy to trust when it comes to working on your own.

I would recommend a conversation with Luke to just about anyone. 

Dr Pippa Grange (Head of People & Culture for English Football; FA)


Wellness coaching gave me the opportunity to reflect on how I prioritise each aspect of my life, and the tools to re-asses each aspect and realign my priorities in order to work towards a more well rounded, balanced life. 

I have worked with Luke to establish a fitness routine that I now consider an enjoyable part of my life, rather than something I have to force myself to do. I can't express just how much this small change has had a positive impact on my life. I feel so much more energised, I am sleeping really well, I don't notice the impact of stress so much and I feel all round much happier. I feel as if I am gradually becoming a better version of myself. 

Having experienced the benefits of paying more attention to my health, as a side effect I am more conscious of making sure I eat healthy foods as I don't want to undo all the positive effects my fitness routine is having on me. I was also a social smoker, and while it wasn't part of my plan to stop smoking socially – I have found that I have lost interest in cigarettes (almost!) completely. 

Fleur Harris


What I have taken away from working with Luke:

-          Learnt how to be more mindful and purposeful

-          Think differently about things that might give me anxiety particularly at work

-          Be aware of different archetypes in different situations and how I respond to them

-          Defined what the best version of me looks like personally and professionally

-          Learning to focus on things that matter

           And really just having an honest conversations.

Luci Lesic (Brand Finance Manager Cotton On Foundation)