Conscious Conversations Episode One with Ross Burrage

Rosco Burrage speaks to a need to act and live life to it's fullest; when you do this, big decision often need to be made. Ross has given up senior executive rolls, because he didn't like the path he was heading down. To live authentically often means you need to give up what society project to be successful. Ross fell in love with mountain biking and the space mountain biking gave him, last year he attempted the Tour Divide, from Canada to Mexico, right through the Rocky's on a single speed. Ross didn't make it, getting to day 10. Ross has taken the year off to train and prep for 2019 and recently completed a successful 1000 km multi day race, finishing 5th and the only person to ever finish on a single speed (One gear) Crazy hey?

This Conversation talk about true leadership, hard work, respect, authenticity and living every moment to it's fullest.

Listen to it here or hit the I tunes link to download it for later. 

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