About Me

All my life I have wanted to help people become better; that hasn't changed; the platforms and how I help have. I'm a mindfulness teacher, life coach, speaker, wellness expert and mentor; I also host a podcast called conscious conversations. These are all vehicles to help people to live life with greater consciousness, authenticity and purpose; why? Because that's my purpose.

Who I work with

I have great diversity in my clients; from owners of global companies to mum's; sporting teams and leadership groups. I specialise in one on one and small group coaching of around 2 -10 people. In 10 years at Cotton On working with all kinds of leaders and teams; I found a great need to slow people down, so that they can get clarity back and truly move forward.

My coaching style  

"Learn from everyone and question everything."

I create an environment that cultivates conversation; I use nature and mindfulness to connect with our current energy and feelings and then shift that to personal and performance based outcomes. I really like to go between personal and professional with the foundation of care.

Outcomes from my coaching

Success for me is when people and teams have a new lens and narrative for what success or flourishing can be; they become clearer of how they show up and conscious of the environment in which they are in. 

Clearer, more connected and engaged with themselves and others.

To leave with knowledge of the Eco coaching principles and tools to create flourishing ecosystems in their personal and professional lives. 

How to increase the quality of energy in their lives.


Being a father of five, I know he challenges we face with life balance, I'm a keen mountain biker and surfer, meditation is a huge part of my life along with eating clean plant based nutrition and living simply and helping the environment. My wife and our five beautiful kids live in at the foothills of the otway rangers