Create your own currency for life

We all have a scorecard of success, we actually have lots of little scorecards that we measure ourselves against; our weight is a great scorecard for how we look and perhaps our health and that connects to our confidence, we might then compare that scorecard to friends and celebrities; some times we score our-self way to hard; what we earn is another common scorecard and of course you will have work HPA s or KPIs, but really title and money trumps that in terms of external scorecards of success. I mean who really get's to what you do in a conversation, it's starts with title and status? Society has painted us with a brush of pass or fail which wreaks havoc on our internal voice of purpose and has begun to throw our true values into a spin; we can end up successful in societies eyes but unfulfilled in our heart. As the Buddha discovered all those years back, happiness isn't at extremes, but in the middle ground. How do we hold the tensions of living well in terms of our material needs, whilst living with deeper purpose and meaning and just maybe if we did this; would we perform better? Can we have balance and meaning and not have to give up the important good stuff.

I think the proactive practice of open reflection in regards to whether your living aligned to your values; wait to firstly get clear on what you deeply value; I mean what do you actually want in your life and how would you like that to look? (think fulfilment and meaning) This is a simple but profound framework for action, if, if if we are honest with our-self. We can't unconsciously chase passions and dreams without a plan, at the other end of the spectrum we can easily be dragged away from our true self; we one day look in the mirror and wonder what happened?

Here are three simple things that may just help to keep you a little more on track and showing up authentically.

Think about the behaviours you value: Values are not actions, they are like a container that keeps our behaviours and actions in check, without the value container we can act loose and irrationally. So what are the key behaviours that speak to your values? This is just a nice way to look at how you'd like to show up. So many people and companies start with values as just words, values don't mean shit without the actions to support them.

Is it necessity or noise and what end of the scale does it sit? We all have unnecessary waste in our lives and if we had our time over we would have said no. We all deserve rewards and nice things, having an ego isn't unhealthy; but when it overtakes us, when our life becomes chasing the unnecessary as necessary and that chase conflict with our values. that moment when we wake up and wonder what the fuck have I become. The practice of cultivating self awareness can be really helpful; as we all know like can drag us all over the place if we let it. (note the word practice)

What's the cost? Everything costs something, so that new car, bigger house or afternoon coffee costs. Not just money but expectation, the cost of time and energy, the cost of keeping up. The cost of what society tells us is important; what other people think, trying to be enough and peer group pressure is a really powerful currency. Consciousness of the other costs can help us make better decisions and in a way we develop our own value based currency that's important to us.

I hope this helped, remember to take care and live with consciousness, authenticity and purpose.