we provide a variety of mindfulness and wellness based workshops and interactive sessions that really challenge and shift thinking around the importance of clarity and connections, building flourishing ecosystems at work, and energizing and engaging a culture through mindfulness.these workshops naturally provide a unique lens on topics like productivity, performance, success and what matters most. tailored talks and sessions on mindfulness, wellness and culture to suits team needs. In my workshops everybody plays, they will make teams think differently


What to Expect

My sessions are interactive and

Coaching is done with finding out a little bit about each other through a process I call “Discovery". Discovering is an opportunity to find out whether Meditation and Mindfulness coaching is the right fit for your needs.

  • Coaching Begins with an 45 - 60 minute online or face to face coaching session. (depending on location). During the session I’ll support you on unlocking your needs, becoming clearer on current challenges and develop a path forward. We will discuss the meditations and mindfulness practices and resources that will support you best.

  • Following the agreed upon goals, practices and tools for your path, I will send a toolbox of meditations, practices and resources to support your outcome.

  • At the end of each week, a reminder and recap e mail will be sent to get an update on your progress and make any adjustments needed.

  • Gaps between clients vary from weekly to fortnightly or monthly depending how the clients feels and the level of support needed.

  • Following or closing coaching sessions sessions will be held, depending on the length of the coaching relationship. Often clients require between 3 -5 sessions to embed habits and develop a sustained mindfulness practice.

  • All clients are free to use meditations and tools beyond the coaching relationship.

Introduction Package:

  • 2 x 45 - 60 minute one on one sessions

  • Personalized Coaching Toolbox with Meditation, Practices and Resources

  • Cost $190

Additional Coaching Sessions

  • $80

(Please contact directly for group coaching prices and information)

Clients often continue on by being mentored around wellness, work - life balance and mindfulness. Mentoring is less frequent and less prescriptive, a chance to get valued feedback from a different lens.

If your interested and want to discuss coaching further, please send me an email or give me a call

E mail:

Call: 0425 827 529