our workshops and FACILITATION are conversations not presentations.

We facilitate leadership sessions with a clear starting focus; they have learning’s, tools and practices weaved into the conversation; there is always a call to action at the end. Compared to many traditional workshops, growth workshop seem casual, they allow space for open discussion to flow and grow. The gold in growth workshops comes from the conversations, how the learning or topic speaks and relates to the day to day. Often the best sessions provide the safe environment to unlock the real challenges and opportunities that are happening in your culture, this is where holistic growth comes from. Applying teaching’s, tools and resources to the real challenge or opportunity is so much more powerful than delivering a blanket approach ideal of leadership and culture. So many leadership workshop present ideal conditions, curated steps and tools that don’t speak to the real challenges and the culture that’s really going on beyond the surface; I’ve have spent so much time in and with leaders who sit in workshops that are disengaging and not safe to speak up.

We provide a range of 6 and 12 month leadership programs.


  • Cultural Facilitation: We specialize in facilitating with leaders and leadership teams in regards to building behaviors and practices that connect to values that build cultures of safety, engagement and commitment.

  • Wellness Facilitation: We work with companies and teams to build and embed wellness programs and initiatives.

LEADERSHIP workshops sessions we offer:

  • Creating the Safety to Perform:

  • Mindset, Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Connection, Communication & Collaboration

  • Cultivating cultural clarity and behaviors

  • Five ways to Be Well

  • An Introduction to mindful leadership

  • GROW your leadership

Our workshops are used as a program over an extended period or as one off sessions with a single focus. Many teams use our sessions as part of conferences and team days to stimulate conversation and provide a much needed focus on holistic growth. We also provide a range of wellness and team building sessions that include yoga, meditation and team building games to energize team days; our teaches and coaches all have a back ground in corporate wellness and speak confidently to wellness and leadership performance.

If you would like more workshop information.

Workshop and Facilitation starts at $200 per session

E mail:  luke@lukemclean.net

Call: 0425 827 529